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The intelligence and creativity of a crowd of people will always be greater than the intelligence and creativity of a single person. This belief and the desire of bringing a contribution to our city, which for us means “home”, determined us to make the first steps in the direction of open data.

Open data are public data that are exposed in a digital format (CSV, JSON, XML) which gives everyone – citizens, companies, startups, experts and IT communities – the possibility to reuse them without any restriction.

Once published, these data, if they are permanently updated by the public authorities which manage them, become the underlying foundation for a series of projects and services. These services and new solutions can bring a real advantage to the local community through the following:

  • transparency of the administrative process
  • monitoring and adjustment of the urban traffic
  • interconnecting the public institutions
  • economic development of the region
  • increased involvement and support of the citizens for the local governing process
  • evaluation and adjustment of education to the current context and the future one
  • better management of the resources of the city, whatever they are
  • informing the citizens of all the activities that are of interest
  • visibility for cultural and artistic activities
  • better safety in the city’s neighborhoods

What does all this mean? O consistent improvement of the citizens’ quality of life.

Having all these ideas in our heads, plus a rich experience in the areas of design and development of complex software solutions, we started our journey in the first half of 2013.

Between spring and autumn 2013 we held a series of presentations at the numerous meetings of the technical communities from Timisoara. During these presentations we revealed out intentions in developing the software infrastructure of the city.

In October 2013 we organized, together with the Politehnica University of Timisoara and the Department for Online Services and Design of the Romanian Government, a workshop about open data. Many representatives from the City Hall and from the local public institutions attended the workshop.

In November 2013 we started weekly meetings with representatives of the Timisoara City Hall. The first results showed up soon afterwards. With the help of the Smart City community, Timisoara became the first city in Romania to publish datasets on the national open data portal and the first to issue a regulation framework for offical open data activities.

Our future objectives consist of exposing a high number of open datasets and of involving the public institutions, the IT communities, the universities, the companies and the citizens in interconnecting the existing services and in developing new solutions, everything being done for the benefit of our city.