• Regulating the Internet

    Regulating the Internet is a worldwide challenge. Developing legislation in this area seems impossible, but is it necessary to regulate the Internet? If yes, to what extent should we do it and what would be the purpose of this regulation? If not, how can we ensure the safety of every person that connects to the Internet and how can we preserve and restore order after various unwanted events?

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  • street history

    Timișoara Street History

    The application is an online map of Timisoara that allows anyone to discover how the streets of Timisoara were renamed over the last century. With a simple click on the desired street, you can see the key names received in different years, as recorded in the archives of the town hall. For simplicity, street names can be searched after the current, or selected from a list. The old names of the streets are taken from a set of open data published by Timisoara City Hall.
  • cityalerts

    City Alerts

    From security arises inhabitants sought comfort and this comfort suffers when there are surprises in terms of city infrastructure operation. Whether it is a means of transport, water, gas or electricity in homes, the way to work or to School, any change in the schedule of an institution, causes surprise and discomfort.And if these “exceptions” are not marked correctly and in time, theycan bea real hassle in conducting the city business. Based on open data sets supplied by the authorities and public institutions, City Alerts designs interventions that make these visible between institutions and citizens known in advance.
  • piata mea

    My Market

    How many of us have wondered what products are in local markets and what’s their price? And how many of us have wondered what would be the best time to make a long-term supply at the best price? My Market is a project whereby the prices of products sold in the city markets will be published daily.

    Through this project, we want to increase transparency on prices in town squares, to inform citizens vis-à-vis the products available in the markets, and to create a tool to visualize the evolution of commodity prices during the year.

    The Team:

    • Petru Ișfan
    • Andrei Avram
    • Vlad Ilie
    • Roberto Județ
    • Daniella Migolatiev

    Used technologies:

    • Frontend: AngularJS, Bootstrap
    • Backend: Java

    Link’s :


  • flux.gov.ro

    The “Smart City” Association alongside Romanian Government and Timisoara City Hall invites you to a technical workshop of implementation of an IT project.

    The project title is “Civic Call”with the objective of facilitating access to information and public debate and to attract more citizens in decision making process, especially the younger generation accustomed to an efficient flow of information and easy to access.

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  • Image2

    City Events

    As promised in the previous article I returned with descriptions of the projects that we propose for the Hackathon that will be held October 17-19, HackTm.

    Our community is working on a first project for the citizens of Timisoara. This project, called ‘City Events’ will give users a centralized platform for planning, promotion and booking cultural sites from Timisoara. The project will use multiple datasets Open Data type, being the first project in Romania that demonstrate the utility of using this type of public data.

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  • city-solutions

    City Solutions

    The second project we propose to HackTM is called City Solutions. We imagine a platform through which citizens can both send notifications and suggestions for improvement, to public authorities, to resolve.

    Through referrals, we refer to those who are not immediate emergency (112), but there are situations occurring in the city and require the interventionof the public authorities at a time. In this category we can include holes in the asphalt, graffiti appeared overnight on a building or fence, or broken public bulbs.

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  • projects

    4 SMART projects for our city

    HackTM, probably the biggest event of software development in Romania will take place at the Regional Business Center (CRAFT), within 17 to 19 October 2014. It is time to start some projects proposed by members of Smart City and validated by local authorities. Two such projects have already been introduced in previous articles and you can find them on the Smart City blog.

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  • About teamwork

    Besides Smart City and Startup Hub ,there is another “guilty one ” for what promises to be a record hackaton for Romania, namely the Coalition for Open Data. You know us already, but about the coalition you may not have heard, so you need to know them.

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  • hacktm


    Autumn is the time to harvest the crop! The period in which people are being rewarded for their work over the summer. And like hardworking people who we are, the volunteers from Smart City worked to bring the community to the next level. One of the fruits of our work was becoming a “non-governmental association” and registering in the Register of Associations and Foundations. Consequently, it was a rich harvest because we became Association Smart City! In our efforts to contribute something, no matter how little, to create a better world, we were often confrunted by the fact that we did not have a legal form. This changed, and in the future we hope to attract resources to support the development of smart cities and our first city on the map is Timișoara!

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