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    City Alerts

    From security arises inhabitants sought comfort and this comfort suffers when there are surprises in terms of city infrastructure operation. Whether it is a means of transport, water, gas or electricity in homes, the way to work or to School, any change in the schedule of an institution, causes surprise and discomfort.And if these “exceptions” are not marked correctly and in time, theycan bea real hassle in conducting the city business. Based on open data sets supplied by the authorities and public institutions, City Alerts designs interventions that make these visible between institutions and citizens known in advance.
    The platform collects open information from public institutions in any available format (CSV, JSON, EXCEL), and inform and notify citizens by easy methods such as website, email or SMS about contingencies arising in city life. Also the platform is available to other projects, in an easy to process, open data collected (JSON, REST API).

     The Team:

    • Centrul Multimedia UPT
    • Voina Sorina-Zorița
    • Oana Munteanu
    • Daniel Rusu
    • Adrian Emanuel Aringhe
    • Mihaela Cațan
    • Adrian Bogatan

    Used technologies:

    • Backend: PHP
    • Frontend: Bootstrap, jQuery


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