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    The 13 – 14 of September weekend is the date of the first hackathon facilitated by Smart City Association and we are very happy it went well. The hackathon was organized at the initiative of the Ministry for Information Society in collaboration with the Municipality of Timisoara.

    The hackathon was part of a project proposed by a few young trainees in the Romanian government that aims to increase the visibility of public information. More specifically, if now public information is published on the websites of public institutions in various forms, the project aims to initiate a platform to gather all this information, to classify and distribute them through a newsletter to citizens interested, depending on their preferences.

    The previous weekend (6-7 September) in Bucharest, a debate preceding the Hackathon was organized, in order to express expectations regarding this platform and set the desired functionality.

    At the initiative of the Municipality of Timisoara, the first in the country to engage in such actions, the Hackathon was held in the capital of Banat. The event was held in the Council Room of the City Hall, from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Seven programmers and designers have attended, along with the organizers, representatives of Smart City, City Hall and the Government.

    Programmers worked on teams being divided so that the major parts of the platform can be effectively addressed. The result was a functional application, the source code being released at this time on github.

    Hackathon ended with awards, being distributed to teams, as follows:

    1st place – “server side” team: Călin Brandabur, Radu Cigmaian, Petru Ișfan

    2nd place – “client side” team: Alin Iordăchescu, Oproiu Alexandru

    3rd place – Linux Team: Mihăilescu Bruno, Olteanu Radu

    An amount of money was awarded by the municipality,  (700 RON first place, 300 RON  second place and 200 RON third place). Also, the Government will award each competitor with a IT product of choice worth 500 RON.


    participanti hackathon


    Participants feedback was good, they were surprised that such initiatives are supported by City Hall and the Government. We thank them for their participation and that at the end of the Hackathon we had a functional application. We appreciate the City Hall and Government involvement in such activities and we wish a long collaboration to come.

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